NAPS Trailer

Logline: Maya, a Black millennial woman fresh out of college and aspiring writer/director tries to adult through the everyday mess of life while also managing her natural hair.

NAPS Film Poster 3.jpg

Created by: Regina Hoyles
Writer: Regina Hoyles
Director(s): Regina Hoyles, Alicia Stith, Pia Maria Lyander
Cinematographer(s): Alain Gr-Polanco, Tajayona Harris
Composer: Iniko Dixon
Executive Producer: Regina Hoyles
Co-Executive Producer: Pia Maria Lyander
Editor: Regina Hoyles
Production Company: RLH Productions

Type: Web Series
Genre(s): Comedy
Runtime: 36:49 (Full Series)
No. of Episodes: Six
Release: 2018

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2018 ITVFest (Now Catalyst Content Festival)
2018 Big Apple Film Festival Black Cinema Showcase

2018 Fusion Film Festival
2018 Chicago South Side Film Festival
2018 NYC Web Fest

2018 Los Angeles Film Awards
2018 Top Shorts Online Film Festival
2019 Miami Web Fest

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